520 Jiayao Brighten Your Love With Light-----Wireless charger mirror

 Brighten Your Love With Light



"520" because of homophony, I love you  

 Given a whole new meaning of sweetness  

 Taking advantage of the tender atmosphere of the world  

Use this day to say it out loud  

Be brave to show your love  

No matter when and where, no tenderness   

Love is the brightest time in life  

 Must grasp attentively, earnestly waiting for  

 Sincere blessing, full of gentle  

 Love myth everyone yearns for  

 And most people  

 Lost to the life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea  

 This 520 is a surprise for her  

 Give you two a chance to reconnect 



 You accompany me through joys and sorrows I accompany you to grow old 


I love the flowers in spring, the rain in summer, the dusk in autumn, the warm sun in winter, and you every day.  I can miss the last bus at dusk, can miss the Peony in May, can miss the rainbow after the sun rain, can miss a lot of...  But I can't miss you. 

  • Jiayao smart phone wireless charger mirror

White accents infused with titanium silver  

Matt pearlescent texture, visual sense of psychedelic future  

Classic and simple big round shape  

 The lines are simple and smooth, and the rounded body is very beautiful  

 Selected high quality aluminum alloy support rod  

 High quality, delicate wear  

 It fits in with the simple aesthetics of modern home  

 Improve aesthetic feeling of space  

 This mirror  

 On a messy dressing table  

 Enough to arouse the intense curiosity of fashion lovers  

 Let the makeup table at home, seconds into the star dressing room  

 Mirrors are the necessities of life,  

 And in recent years LED makeup mirror  

 It also became a must-have item for girls 


Good things with a high level of appearance enhance happiness in life

  • Create your own private dressing room

The big mirror:  

 6.8-inch hd round silver plated mirror provides a panoramic view of your face.  360° circular light guide and 95% reduction of sunlight color, even pores and face hair can be seen clearly, facial details defects almost 100% restore, only to achieve 360 degrees of full range of details without blind spots concealer.  With nearly zero color loss and high color saturation, it can truly restore the color of eye shadow and lipstick, comparable to the color rendering power of sunlight, so that makeup "zero color difference" can be achieved.  

 Three groups of light sources meet different light effects  

 Ideal makeup feeling, one step in place  

 1, natural light (color temperature of 4000K) to meet the daily makeup and skin care mode  

 2. Cold light (color temperature 6000K) simulates cold office light to see yourself in the eyes of others  

 3, warm light (3000K color temperature) to simulate the restaurant light, suitable for dating makeup  

 No level dimming technology  

 Constant bright chip, intelligent brightness memory  

 Click gently, instantly feel the change of light, according to their own different needs to adjust the brightness of the mirror 

Functional and practical:  

 Built-in 1500mAh lithium battery, get rid of "wire" system.  Fully charged, 1 hour a day, medium light can be used for a week  

 0-65℃ Angle adjustment, very flexible, convenient for different sitting and different makeup angle, do not need to bend, how comfortable makeup  

 10W mobile phone wireless charger & Pen holder, easy to store makeup brush, makeup can also watch TV series, videos, makeup, mobile phone power is still 100% 


Magnetic 10x magnifying glass  

 Open up the face microcosm  

 10 magnifying glass, can be directly adsorbed in the middle of the mirror and behind the mirror (easy storage).  Magnifying glass with daylight lens used together, clear visible texture, makeup is more delicate and delicate, serious skin care you can let go of details 

 Bright lights, bustling  

 I wish you, in all the scenery  

 To find your favorite person  

 Love is a wind that moves the heart  

 Love is a long stream  

 It is the constant peace of mind  

 May our love  

 Can be around like air  

 Every breath from now on can be so sweet  


 Whether "520" this day  

 Or "I love you" life  

 We can all be happy 

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