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"#Chuang Ke Interview"

FM100 Huizhou Comprehensive Radio's "Chuang Ke"

Live Broadcast Time: July 14th, 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Special Guest: Li Shaoyan, Founder and Brand Ambassador of Jia Yao Makeup Mirror

Topic of this Episode: The Entrepreneurial Spirit on the Path of Innovation

Brand Product: Missmeeca  Makeup Mirror

Dear esteemed listeners and hosts,

Good afternoon to all of you!

I am Li Shaoyan, the founder and spokesperson of Jia Yao Makeup Mirrors. It's a great honor for me to be here today at FM100 Huizhou Integrated Radio's "Innovator" broadcast studio to share my journey in the makeup mirror industry, our brand positioning, and my observations on the historical development and future prospects of the market.

Jia Yao is dedicated to creating makeup mirrors. This choice stems from my passion for the industry and my unwavering pursuit of detail. Since I entered this industry in 2012, I have been personally involved in designing and developing every product, striving to bring the best quality and innovative features to each user. In this process, I adhere to two core principles: quality first and a commitment to innovation.

Jia Yao's brand positioning is to provide consumers with high-quality, practical, and aesthetically pleasing makeup mirror products. Our mission is to bring more convenience and confidence to every user during their makeup and beauty routines.

The initial aspiration behind establishing a makeup mirror factory was fueled by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a deep love for the smart home industry. We aim to provide consumers with high-quality makeup mirrors, enabling them to better showcase their beauty and confidence through their beauty routines. Why did I choose the makeup mirror industry? It's because I realized that makeup mirrors, as essential tools in the beauty field, have a significant impact on people's ability to shape their beautiful image and boost their confidence. Through creating my own makeup mirror factory, I hoped to offer consumers a beautiful experience that combines high quality, innovative features, and integration with smart technology. Outer beauty can bring greater confidence and positivity to people. As an indispensable tool in the beauty process, a makeup mirror helps individuals accurately observe their facial features and complete makeup and skincare steps more precisely.

The reason I personally endorse the products is my unwavering belief in their quality and uniqueness. As an entrepreneur, I deeply understand the product's development process, design philosophy, and the values it carries. By personally endorsing the product, I can directly convey confidence in the product and a commitment to quality, thus enhancing consumers' trust and recognition of the product. I firmly believe in the quality of my products because I established high-quality standards when creating the makeup mirror factory. We are committed to using high-quality materials, fine craftsmanship, and rigorous quality control processes to ensure that every product meets the highest quality requirements. I understand that quality is the key to winning in the market competition and the foundation for long-term development. I have strong confidence in the future development of the product. Through continuous innovation and improvement, I strive to stand out in the market. I hope to convey positive energy to society through our products. We deeply understand the power of confidence and believe that everyone has infinite potential and value. Jia Yao's products are not just tools for enhancing appearance but also mediums that inspire individuals to explore themselves and build confidence. I hope our products inspire people to pursue their dreams, leverage their strengths, and become the best versions of themselves. They can bring positive experiences and personal growth to everyone.

With the advancement of technology, I realized the immense potential of smart technology for the beauty industry in traditional makeup mirror manufacturing. As smart technology continues to evolve, its application in the makeup mirror field can bring more convenience and innovative experiences to users. In 2014, I decided to incorporate smart elements into makeup mirror products to meet consumers' demands for personalization and intelligence. For instance, by adding LED lighting, makeup mirrors can provide different lighting effects, helping users achieve the best makeup results in different scenarios. Additionally, by combining artificial intelligence technology, facial recognition, and analysis capabilities can be realized, providing users with personalized beauty advice and makeup techniques. When integrating smart elements, we prioritize practicality and user experience. We developed makeup mirrors with smart adjustment capabilities, allowing users to adjust the mirror's angle, lighting brightness, color temperature, and other parameters via a mobile app or touchscreen to meet different users' needs and preferences. Moreover, we introduced voice interaction technology, enabling users to control the makeup mirror through voice commands, creating a more convenient and intelligent operational experience.

In the future, with the continuous progress of technology, we can anticipate the application of more innovative technologies, such as virtual makeup trials, which will further transform users' makeup experiences. By integrating smart elements with makeup mirrors, we offer consumers a brand-new beauty experience. Jia Yao's makeup mirror products are not just simple reflection mirrors; they become smart-assisted, customized beauty tools, providing users with a more convenient, personalized, and intelligent makeup experience. I firmly believe that combining beauty and intelligence can help individuals shape more confident and charming images.

As the founder and spokesperson of Jiayao, I will always stay true to our original aspiration and commit to innovation and excellence, aiming to provide consumers with the best makeup mirror products. We will continuously invest in research and development, pay close attention to user needs, and collaborate closely with partners within the industry to collectively drive the advancement of the makeup mirror sector. Through Jiayao makeup mirrors, we aspire to offer users more beautiful, confident, and enjoyable experiences. Our goal is to enable everyone to showcase their true beauty through Jiayao makeup mirrors.

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your attention, support, and interest. Jiayao will continue to strive tirelessly to become a leader in the makeup mirror industry, delivering superior products and services to you. Planting the flag of Jiayao worldwide is the lifelong goal of our team's endeavor!

Thank you!

The news of the thriving summer arrives with the breeze

Jiayao is a professional and comprehensive factory with 11 years of experience specializing in the design, research and development, production, and sales of makeup mirrors. Our factory covers an area of over 8000 square meters, with more than 100 workers and a professional R&D team of over 10 people. We possess top-notch product design and development technology as well as strong production capabilities. Our products are primarily exported to developed regions such as Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Japan-Korea.

After years of unremitting development, our company now owns three domestic independent brands: "Jiayao," "Mirror Armor," and "Missmeeca." Additionally, we hold trademarks for the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States under the brand "Missmeeca." Intellectual property rights are of utmost importance to us, and we have accumulated over 50 utility model patents and design patents both domestically and internationally.

Our main products include LED makeup mirrors, smart beauty mirrors, home and bathroom mirrors, Hollywood vanity mirrors, portable pocket mirrors, handheld mirrors with handles, magnifying mirrors, tabletop & wall-mounted mirrors, as well as OEM & ODM services.

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Introduction of Jiayao Company


                    Huizhou Jiayao Smart Technology Co.,Ltd


 Huizhou Jiayao Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive factory specializing in the design, development, production, and sales of cosmetic mirrors. The company has a factory area of over 8,000 square meters and employs more than 100 workers. It has a professional research and development team of over 10 people, possessing first-class product design and development technology and strong production capabilities. The company mainly exports its products to developed regions such as Europe, America, Australia, and Japan and South Korea. After years of unremitting development, the company now has three domestic independent brands, "Jiayao," "Mirror Armor," and "Missmeeca," as well as trademarks in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States under the brand "Missmeeca." The company places special emphasis on intellectual property rights and currently holds more than 50 domestic and foreign utility model patents and design patents.

Main products: LED makeup mirrors, smart beauty mirrors, home bathroom mirrors, Hollywood vanity mirrors, portable pocket mirrors, handheld handle mirrors, magnifying mirrors, tabletop & wall-mounted mirrors, OEM & ODM.

The factory is a general taxpayer enterprise and can issue value-added tax invoices. It has passed the SGS factory inspection and has well-equipped production equipment, including precision mold processing equipment, high-speed injection molding machines from Japan, silk-screen printing, hot stamping machines, heat transfer printers, and roller printers. The factory can provide customers with product sampling, product development, mold design and production, prototype production, injection molding, circuit board scheme design and development, SMT chip mounting, and assembly processing. We have five workshops for molds, injection molding, oil printing, mirror finishing, and assembly. We strive for excellence in quality and strictly adhere to ISO 9001 quality standards within the factory, providing customers with more reliable choices.

Our Office Environment:

Front Desk:


Sample Room:

SMT Chip Mounting Workshop:

Production Line:

Our Advantages:

Our Advantages:

1.Over 11 years of experience in the cosmetic mirror industry.

2.Over 11 years of experience in cross-border exports.

3.10 research and development personnel.

4.6 production lines.

5.100+ skilled workers.

6.Quick response to meet your product customization and fast delivery requirements.

7.50+ independent research and development patents.

8.Complete export certification and certificates.

Our Products:

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                         Jiayao's latest product has been launched



In early summer, we respond to the invitation,

The wind outside rustles the leaves,

 Bringing the unique hot breeze of summer.

 Jiayao surprises with new arrivals,

 When you feel weary,

Or when you just need a little "New" flavor to awaken your determination,

Set your sights on new products, explore beautiful new horizons.

High aesthetics, powerful performance, Come quickly and get to know them.


Life is a staircase that leads upwards,

Each step reveals new scenery.

Products like life, Evolve and update with the passage of time.

Jiayao's new products,

Exude simplicity, flexibility, and transparency, Subtle and elegant,

Left mirror 2x, center 1x, right 3x,

Neatly arranged, hiding irregular surprises.

They reveal the most authentic side,

Harmonious yet versatile, discreetly expressive.

Be an exquisite home-maker, and a whimsical dreamer, Embracing a refined lifestyle. 












                   Jiayao Makeup Mirror * Enhancing Your Beauty".

     With each product iteration, Jiayao aims to shine a unique light alongside you this summer.

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The Economic Development Bureau of Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou City, visited Jiayao for guidance on work.

  With united efforts and determination, we will compose a glorious chapter in the  new era.


On June 16, 2023, Mr. Liu, Director of the Science and Technology Innovation and Investment Promotion Bureau of the Administration Committee of Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou City, and his delegation visited our company, Huizhou Jiayao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., to provide guidance. We extend a warm welcome to them. Throughout the visit, General Manager Li Shaoyan of Jiayao offered enthusiastic hospitality and provided a detailed introduction of our company. We express our heartfelt gratitude for the care and support shown to Jiayao by various functional departments of the Huizhou Municipal Government.

During the visit, General Manager Li Shaoyan of Jiayao provided a detailed introduction of the company profile, organizational structure, management model, development history, product patents, business areas, core competencies, production mode, marketing strategy, and future development blueprint to the visiting leaders. This allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of Jiayao. The accompanying leaders expressed affirmation and appreciation for Jiayao's technology and products. They unanimously recognized that these products meet societal demands and have significant market potential.

The visiting leaders conducted an on-site inspection of the production facilities and were deeply impressed by our company's well-organized production management, stringent quality standards, and the dedicated passion of our workforce. They provided valuable guidance and advice, offering insights into warehouse production, market operations, and development planning. We also had the opportunity to establish connections with relevant resources and explore policy subsidies on-site.

We deeply felt the strong support and care provided by the Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Economic Development Bureau of Zhongkai High-tech Zone towards private enterprises. It is a powerful driving force for the advancement of our small and micro private enterprise. They encouraged us to work together in striving to create a benchmark for the Zhongkai commercial trade brand.


In this vibrant season of growth, the arrival of the esteemed leaders brings new opportunities and provides powerful momentum for the development of our company.

Once again, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the leaders for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit our company and for their affirmation and support of Jiayao's development direction. Moving forward, Jiayao will continue to deepen its presence in the mirror industry, constantly innovate, and increase investment in research and development to enhance our independent innovation capabilities. We aim to drive innovative development within the company and pursue an integrated path that aligns with Jiayao's distinctive characteristics. We will redouble our efforts to maintain a steady growth trajectory and deliver even more satisfactory results. Jiayao is committed to contributing to the high-quality development of Huizhou's economy and society.

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