Crazy Hot Chinese garden style smart makeup mirror

As a hot fashion trendsetter this year, Chinese fashion is no longer just a niche hobby and aesthetic in the literary and youth circles -- this style has gradually become a hot popular logo must-have collection.

From the Forbidden City to Dunhuang, from Li Ning to King of Glory, from Lao Gan Ma to Naixue... It is undeniable that in the past two years, the national tide cultural recovery phenomenon in the strong join of many brands, ushered in the era of wind and water.

The new and interesting cultural symbols quickly occupy the minds of contemporary young consumers.At the same time, the national marketing constantly breaks the circle boundaries and leads the consumption trend with the national culture as the carrier and infuses imagination and creative vitality.



  • Design Concept


Landscape style beauty makeup mirror refers to Chinese gardens, which fully reflects the idea of the unity of man and nature, and reflects the thought of people conforming to nature in order to survive and develop.Classical gardens advocate nature and create nature, artificial beauty and natural beauty skillfully combined, full of literati atmosphere and poetic painting, "poetic painting" is the highest realm of art.

To achieve this goal, designer of Jiayao combines modern beauty mirror products with poetry and prose, and pays more attention to the value of modern life while inheriting the essence of traditional Chinese garden culture.This retro garden style product is a representative work, is the ancient garden style reflects the "nature and man in one" national culture.


The shape of the product adopts a circular shape as a mirror. Considering that the landscape of the garden is born in the same glow of the sun and the moon, the whole circular shape and the garden pattern make it more vivid.The design concept of connecting rod is derived from the garden style of water and water flowing down the waterfall; Splash again a week of water, formed the inspiration of makeup mirror base modeling design source. The shape of the whole mirror reflects the combination of static and dynamic beauty of the garden.Whether it's from the front of the product. Seen from the back, they all form a natural sense of integration, giving people a wonderful sense of beauty that connects heaven and earth.



  • Product Introduction


Mirror overall pattern design.

Take painting as the foundation, take poem as the title.

Dig pool pile mountain, plant flowers and plant trees.

Create a "silent poetry, three-dimensional painting" artistic conception.

One mountain, one pool, one grass and one tree.

Can produce a profound artistic conception.

Roam among them, you can get the soul of the edification and the enjoyment of aesthetic.

Or "How Deep Is the Courtyard?"

Or "A New Village"

Appearance and utility permeate each other and conform to nature.



Three major functions:

1. LED filling light: 97% daylight reduction, high-definition makeup color neutral.

2. Infrared induction switch: free hands, close to the light, away from the slow extinguishing, environmental protection and energy saving, solve the mirror residual fingerprint.

3. Mirror 360° can be rotated and adjusted, no need to bow and bend when making up.



  • Packing box

Exquisite gift box packaging.

The overall shape is elegant.

The landscape is born in the sun and the moon.

A clear water through, the reflection of the wave light, the scene is myriad.

Stacking mountains and managing water, planting flowers and trees.

Forming a landscape garden full of poetry and painting.

Chinese aesthetics collides with modern science and technology.

Create a pluralistic coexistence of geometric beauty.

The essence of tradition is added to the display of the future.

To become a touching handicraft.


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