Creative research and development for the purpose to accompany you all the way-Jiayao car makeup mirror

Maybe it was the moment it was opened, maybe because of a little nifty in the mirror, maybe ascribe to the soft light


  • I'm sure you light me up.

When I think of you, I see you all over my mind.

Thinking of you, my heart run wild like a deer.

Thinking of you, suddenly, do not know how to open.



At seven thirty in the morning,

the best sunshine & air fondle your face.

But worst traffic always annoys you.

There will be millions of people go out to start a busy day.

You will meet friends, rivals, people you like and people you hate on your work.

Encounter trouble, also meet delightful thing.

It's just another day in a long life.

But for me,

with he all the way, it will be a delicate day .

I looked up at myself in the mirror,

that is a kind of love from him.

Although utter no words, it is difficult to forget.

It's your eyes, bright and beautiful.

I was filled with joy, like a shower of rain on my heart.


Creative research and development for the purpose to accompany you all the way-Jiayao car makeup mirror

Jiayao makeup mirror - big enough and bright enough

The launch of this product,

subvert the traditional sun visor makeup mirror.

Create your own dressing room and live for yourself.

Know what you think, also know what you don't think.

You have busy working hours on work days

Put on light makeup in your car before you go out..

It's not about pleasing other people. It's about being nice for youself.

Make life more beautiful with intelligent technology.



Professional makeup mirror,

11 inches HD silver plated large mirror,

The design is simple and generous, as time goes by, but it is always new.

With more beautiful appearance, meet better you.

Clear imaging, good-looking,non-deformation ~~



Three sets of color temperature, check makeup.

Light precise makeup more natural, easy to meet the needs of different occasions.

Poleless dimming, brightness free adjustment.

Soft light black technology, light without stroboscopic.

The delicate care of your eyes, your face.



Our factory specializes in mirrors area, product covering : led makeup mirrors, compact pocket mirrors, desktop mirrors, Hollywood mirrors, fashion shape mirrors, bathroom mirrors and hotel mirrors etc.

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