Jia Yao Makeup Mirrors made its appearance at the 5th Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade

Jia Yao Makeup Mirrors made its appearance at the 5th  Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade 

The 5th  Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade (referred to as "West Expo") was held at the Chongqing International Expo Center from May 18th to 21st. Co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Water Resources, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the Chongqing Municipal People's Government, the 5th West Expo focused on openness and carried the theme "Entering the West, Negotiating the Future". Having successfully held four previous editions, the West Expo has become one of the most influential investment events in the western region.

Co-hosted by the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province and organized by the Guangdong Federation of Commerce, the Guangdong Economic and Trade Delegation participated in the exhibition and conference. A special delegation comprising representatives from outstanding enterprises in Guangdong Province was organized to provide targeted support in Wushan County. The Cooperation Office of Guangzhou City, the Bureau of Commerce of Huizhou City, and the Bureau of Commerce of Meizhou City also dispatched their personnel to join the delegation. Mr. Yin Huanming, a Senior Inspector of the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, attended the relevant activities.

A grand event intertwined with a city, mutually achieving and growing through "two-way endeavors." A rendezvous in the mountain city brings unprecedented opportunities. The West China Expo is not only an open conference but also a conference for win-win cooperation. Jia Yao is fortunate to showcase our brand-new creative products at this exhibition, meticulously nurtured over 12 years. Just as the West China Expo, being a national-level exhibition, requires utmost dedication to establish a higher standard international platform for exchange and cooperation.

At this year's West China Expo, Guangdong Province showcased its theme of "Yue Trade Nationwide, Yue Products Splendid." A specially designed exhibition area of 300 square meters was set up, featuring 20 Guangdong enterprises to showcase their products and corporate image. Jia Yao was selected to participate in this conference and considers every government-led exhibition opportunity as the best chance to learn and expand its business, to broaden horizons, understand and deeply study well-known enterprises and brands, thereby enhancing Jia Yao's market competitiveness.

During the exhibition, Mr. Yin Huanming, a Senior Inspector of the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, led a delegation to visit Jia Yao's booth. They engaged in technical exchanges and guidance specifically regarding Jia Yao's makeup mirror products. Mr. Yin also provided feasibility suggestions on the integration of technology with traditional mirrors.

Mr. Yin Huanming, representing the Guangdong Economic and Trade Delegation, delivered the closing speech. He expressed his deep impression of the visit to Wushan, where he personally experienced the warm and romantic charm of the Bashu region and the emotions of the Three Gorges. The delegation had a close contact with Wushan, gaining an understanding of the 30 years of targeted support provided by Guangdong to Wushan. They expressed gratitude to both Wushan and Guangdong. Through this visit, they learned about the industrial development and direction of Wushan, which showcased the three beauties of Wushan: the beauty of its mountains and rivers, the beauty of its spirit, and the beauty of its urban-rural integration, embodying the integration of the river, mountains, and cities.

Mr. Yin pointed out that Wushan has outstanding advantages in transportation and location, as well as tremendous development potential. There is significant room for cooperation between Guangdong and Wushan in tourism development, deep processing of agricultural and specialty products, and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs cultivation. He expressed the hope that in the future, through government collaboration and resonance with Wushan, there can be closer cooperation at the convergence points of their respective fields. They aim to strive for the implementation of more new cooperative projects, promoting the industrial development of Wushan while achieving mutual benefits and win-win outcomes.

The exhibition has come to a close, but Jia Yao keeps moving forward! Jia Yao will continue to drive development through innovation and empower products with technology. In the future, Jia Yao company will never forget its original intention, remain steadfast in its confidence, and continue to promote the steady development of the enterprise, contributing actively to the economic and social development of the country and the realization of a better life for the people.

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