March superior business war, Tiger Tiger, unstoppable!

         March optimal business battle                 Tiger tiger is unstoppable                                 FIGHTING!


A year's plan lies in the spring, the tiger year of spring, Huizhou 31 enterprises more than 200 soldiers, with the most full state, the strongest confidence to open the march optimal business battle road.  

 After one month's hard work, the March 2022 round has come to a successful conclusion, and it is believed that all the participating teams have gained a lot.  In this excellent business in March, witnessed jiayao company all the way up, witness the lovely soldiers once and again through their own.  Behind each strenuously, there will be double reward!  

 In march superior business war, jiayao company's soldiers through unremitting efforts, the target completion rate reached 255.65%, achieved excellent results, tiger force all open, win the war in the future.  

 Life is everywhere battlefield, continuous single continuous breaking of eggs, inspiring the ambition of every soldier.  In the future, we will have more big wars, having competitors is a kind of luck, but also a kind of happiness, because only a strong "opponent" will make us more powerful! Foreign trade people, march circle battle, hard jiayao people!  Come on!  

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