Only vision is worthy of Jiayao Vision!

Only vision is worthy of Jiayao Vision!

Jiayao’s new journey

May 18, 2024 is an important moment for Jiayao Company. The new factory building of 11,000 square meters was successfully delivered. The new battle fortress not only drives Jiayao's significant increase in production capacity, but also demonstrates our determination to become bigger and stronger in the field of smart life and to continuously make breakthroughs and enterprising achievements.

The spacious and bright production workshop, advanced and efficient production equipment, and scientific and reasonable layout design will greatly improve our production efficiency and product quality. It marks that Jiayao has officially entered a new stage of development, and also laid a solid foundation for our future development.


With the new factory put into use, Jiayao's production capacity will be significantly increased. We will respond more calmly to changes in market demand and respond to customer order needs more quickly. At the same time, the increase in production capacity also means that we have more energy and resources to invest in product research and development and quality improvement, in order to provide customers with better products and services.

Jiayao Company always adheres to the "customer-centered" business philosophy. The construction and putting into use of the new factory is an important measure for us to continue to improve customer satisfaction and enhance customer trust. We firmly believe that only by continuously improving product quality and service levels can we remain invincible in the fierce market competition. In the future, Jiayao will continue to maintain a serious and down-to-earth work attitude and repay every customer's support and trust with excellent products and services.

As a rapidly developing smart mirror enterprise, Jiayao knows that innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development. The putting into use of the new factory not only provides a more solid guarantee for our production, but also provides us with greater space and possibility in product innovation and technology research and development. We will continue to increase investment in innovation, continue to launch more new products that meet market demand and lead the industry trend, and strive to push Jiayao's market influence to new heights in all aspects.

Reaching new heights and creating new brilliance

Standing at a new starting point, Jiayao is full of confidence in future development. We will take this opportunity to further enhance our core competitiveness, deepen our brand influence, and strive to become a benchmark enterprise in the global smart mirror industry. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all Jiayao people, Jiayao's future will be even more brilliant.

Finally, Jiayao sincerely thanks every customer, partner and all employees for their support and dedication. It is your trust and efforts that allow Jiayao to move toward the future step by step. We will continue to work together to write a better chapter for Jiayao!

Only vision is worthy of Jiayao Vision!

Tomorrow has arrived, and the future can be expected!


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