Runing, Jiayao

  • Strong body · Vitality Jiayao

  •                                  Meet you and me on the run

  • Everything begins with running   

  • Run again and again

  • Over and over again  

  • Let Jiayao develop perseverance  


    Never give up  


    What's more, Jiayao has a clear "orientation" for future goals.  


    With the determination to face the ups and downs of the "cross-country"  


    Jiayao runs  


    The interpretation of the love of the industry  


    The persistence of dreams  


    Show entrepreneurs never give up attitude

                                                  on the way    


  •     Running all the way, feeling all the way, all the way to grow


Review the course and look forward to the future  


Ten years of entrepreneurship  


It may be a fleeting moment in history  


However, for Jiayao  


Has experienced a metamorphosis development process from young to mature  


This decade, no matter for our employees  


Or for the company, are rainbow like years  


With unlimited passion and gorgeous dreams  


There is no smooth road to starting a business  


There are always ditches to conquer  


Starting a business is like going up the hill to hunt a wild boar  


A shot out, the boar did not die rushed over  


When the bullets run out  


What you need is to drop the gun  


Pull a knife and a wild boar from his waist and continue to fight  


Entrepreneurs can't escape, can only shop  


Since set foot on the entrepreneurial track  


Meaning lies in overcoming yourself and challenging your limits  


All you have to do is keep your eye on the ball and keep running  


Before, you might have been afraid to face difficulties  


But every breakthrough is not as difficult as I thought  


Life is full of unknowns  


You don't know what you're going to face next  


You can only take one step at a time  


Every time I feel like giving up  


I told myself to hang in there, to hang in there  


Entrepreneur, always on the road  


Only by running can we reach the poem and the distance  


                                             Chasing the dream

Dream is that since the choice  


We are not afraid of difficulties, we only care about the hardships  


It's something that keeps you up at night  


It's something that pours out hot blood, sweat and tears  


It's something that makes you feel that persistence is happiness  


It's something that makes you feel young  


It's what keeps you hot and powerful every day  


You and I are in the prime of our lives  


Pursue your dreams and move forward bravely  


Everyone has a dream in his heart  


If you don't run, no one will help you  


The harder you work, the better you will be  


Jiayao is right to run forward  


Until the yearning scenery  


Become a passing place  


Entrepreneurship is a never-ending race track  


Running consists of four stages  


Brave, leap, fail, persist  


There is positive energy in being brave and stepping forward  


Failure brings negative energy  


Persistence is the only way to trigger the final phase of positive energy  


The same is true of Jiayao startup Dream Road  

                                             Struggling to fight


All the way running, natural cut into the road  


We run for Jiayao with action  


Strive to be right  


You and I walk all the way  


I am grateful to my friends for their silent support  


Jiayao is a steady source of power in the growth process  


Warm company  


Jiayao will run further and further away  


The pace will be more and more firm  


The path to entrepreneurship is not about instant bursts  


It depends on persistence along the way  


That inspires you, warms you, touches you  


Not motivational quotes  


Instead, surround yourself with positive, positive people  


I am grateful to the partners I met on the smooth road  

                                                 To meet the challenge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Innovation is the driving force for entrepreneurship  


An enterprise cannot develop without diversification  


Go with the flow of The Times  


Explore new territory  


We will begin to transform, upgrade and innovate  


For example, from traditional foreign trade to cross-border e-commerce  


As the saying goes, "Not to advance is to go back."  


Companies want to grow  


Explore the marketing of new situation  


And more advanced management and operation models  


The development of new products is inevitable  


Jiayao running forward is just the basic configuration  


Then riding is an upgrade  


You might as well have a try  


The speed at which you chase the wind  


Whether can let jiayao from quantitative change to qualitative change across it  


We'll see  

                                          The telescopic party


The road ahead will be long and difficult  


What you do will come, what you do will come  


There is a climb, there is a summit, there are obstacles, there is a road  


Climbing is hard work, sweat and inner struggle  


Look at the endless hills and curves  


How much longer to get to the top  


Every turn is a step forward  


Jiayao is growing up in one step after another  


Standing at the top of the slope, look forward to the top of the farther  


You don't know what success is  


All I know is that the next stop is as fast as possible  


Any climbing bike ride  


There is no one who has not experienced gnashing of teeth and persistence  


The joy of finally making it to the top  


And have you ever felt it  


                                          Running of the target  




Goals give us meaning to strive for  


Of course, we can also live without goals  


But to be truly quality alive  


We must have something to live for  


People who have goals may not succeed  


But a man without a goal cannot succeed  


Jiayao needs precipitation  


Allow enough time to reflect  


Only often look back  


Can be sublimated in the taste of loss and gain  


Looking ahead is a dream and a goal  


Looking back is the result, is a rematch  


A goal is a challenge to yourself  


Only the strategic goal is clear and the direction is clear  


In order to better towards the future  


Jiayao stays true to her original aspiration on the road and runs toward her goals down-to-earth  


When you're a little lost in life  


When you're a little bored with your job  


Go for a run or a bike ride  


When you stick with it, slowly  


You'll find your life more disciplined  


I do things with more passion  


The mood is also relaxed  


Let people have a better state of life  


All the beautiful yearning, not without efforts and pay  


The establishment of the great achievement, not can know, but can do  


In 2020, the uncertainty of the epidemic is overwhelming  


In 2021, gradually adapt and break through  


2022, we together, will be better  







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