Self Hair Cutting Mirror --- 3 Way Mirror Make you Cut Your Hair By Yourself

Do you want to cut your hair by your self? Do you want to save money? Do you want to stay at home to keep safe? When your hair become Long, do you want to go to the barber?

Self hair cutting mirror make this happen. You can do DIY Shave, cutting hair by yourself. Please find our picture for this mirror. Let me introduce this Mirror.

  1. 3 way mirror, ABS material +Real Glass. You can see yourself at any angle. Achieve the perfect cut every time with self-cuts versatile three way mirror, which allow you to see every inch of your head.
  2. 28 PCS LED light,3 Color Mode, yellow color, white color, mixed color ,make you cut your hair at dark or black environment . You can adjust the brightness by long press the smart sensor switch.
  3. You can adjust the height by stretch pole up and down,you can hand it on the door or hand on the wall. Self hair cutting mirror can come right out of the unit and hook onto any door, making for instant height adjustment for the perfect self-grooming experience.
  4. It use the EPE Form to pack it. It's very safe to ship the goods out for a long distance delivery.
  5. It’s durable and portable. For the high quality material and non-breakable design. The travel self-cut system can tag along to keep you looking best ,both at home and on the road.
  6. A lifetime of savings. Just one monthly haircut cost at least $120 per year. Save your money and keep yourself sharp at all times

 The hair cutting mirror is like the above which I describe. Are you tempted? Do you want to try? Please contact with us if you want to know more about it. You can send me email.  I will reply you ASAP.


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