The star dressing room into thousands of homes-Jiayao Hollywood vanity makeup mirror

I lived in the village as a child.

Life was simple in those days,

there is no Internet,

no online games, no WeChat, no Tictok.

Watching TV has become a staple pastime at lunch and dinner.



Whenever I'm watching TV

See the scene in the star dressing room.

There is always a question in mind,

why are there rows of bright and imposing bulbs in front of mirrors?

As I grew older, I began to understand

When it comes to makeup, the importance of light is self-evident.

Back in the 1930s, Hollywood dressing room stars add bulb on the mirror ,to even light, avoid chromatic aberration.

In order to put on a 'photogenic look' that can goes straight to the stage.

So this kind of makeup mirror with the light is also called the "Hollywood mirror".

Hollywood Make-up Mirror,

which has been used to today's studio and studio backstage.

Nowadays, it is widely used on the dressing table of thousands of families.




Beauty in the mirror, look at love.

Since ancient times, a mirror is indispensable in a woman's boudoir.

There are only two kinds of women in the world.

One type is not used LED makeup mirror,

One is the LED makeup mirror fondly.


Every girl has a dream.

Create a personal dressing room.

But the traditional Hollywood makeup mirror is heavy and expensive.

Occupy space, installation trouble, not suitable for home use.


So aim to meet the excellent practicality and perfect experience.

Jiayao tries to solve these problems.

Rely on the exclusive cosmetic light source technology, brightness up to 1100Lux.

It is more than twice the standard of professional makeup in China.

Noon daylight color rendering, achieving up to 97% daylight similarity.

Reflect the true color of skin and makeup.


Let's take a look

Follow the fashion for the times

Hollywood makeup mirror from Missmeeca

There's always something in life filled with ritual..

To make people say "life is worth living".


And seriously become beautiful every moment.

Of course, it should be on the list.


  • Round Mirror, Metal Material

Mirrors are essential daily necessities in life.

Especially for the girls who pursues a delicate life.

Always need a perfect makeup mirror to open the door to a better life.

Hollywood makeup mirror, one touch to brighten your beauty!


  • Three Kinds of Color Light

- Natural light: meets daily makeup and skincare needs

- Cold light: Simulate cold office light to see yourself in the eyes of others.

- Warm light: It simulates restaurant light and works well with dating makeup.


  • 360° Full Angle Mirror Adjustment

Two rotating shaft design, realize left and right, up and down all-round Angle adjustable, there is always an Angle suitable for you.Smart mirror has also made innovations in modeling and design. The design style has changed from the simple square design in the past, making a design breakthrough in shape and material.Full metal frame, no rust, safe, stable and durable.


  • Large Size

Large mirror, can simultaneously take photos of hair style, face, neck, until the whole upper body, no dead Angle to take care of all aspects of you.Not only can use it according to the overall makeup effect, but also by the way to see the upper body dress collocation, especially practical.


Come, girls and ladies!

It's really important for you to perchase a nice makeup mirror.

Not only does it make everyday makeup moments easier,also make makeup more perfect and delicate ~


Hot sale color:Pure White, Elegant Black, Luxury Gold, Rose Gold.


Love is a dress, beauty is a dress, the most close the most beautiful things are in the "mirror", have you ever been?


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