The world is as beautiful as you. Happy goddess day !

Warm spring, blooming season, goddess Festival

In the beautiful melody of spring

"March 8th" international working women's Day is coming

International working women's Day

(International Women's day, IWD)

Also known as "International Women's Day"

Women's day and goddess day

It's on March 8 every year

To celebrate Women

In economic, political and social fields

Important contributions and great achievements

And set up a festival

In a noisy and bustling world

She stumbled all the way and ran in the wind

From a doll to a girl

From a girl to a mother, to a grandmother

Her identity has been changing

No matter what happens in life

Play a daughter, wife or mother

Every female role

Are worthy of gentle favor

Time flies, I wish you after the baptism of life

Can not forget the original heart, so that the heart has a dream, not afraid of the future

Can still live the best and most beautiful self


Let's Go

                                     New trade festival in March

On the first day of March

Our female generals of Jiayao are full of fighting spirit

Embark on the road of the ring war of the new trade festival in March

Make a bold military order and drink Zhuang Xing wine together

The power of the tiger is unstoppable

Determined to fight in this battle

Achieve outstanding performance tasks

Open up new frontiers and win great achievements

Success is not for the future

But from the moment you decide to do it

Continuously accumulated

When the horn of circle war blows

Orders from the goddesses followed

May the female soldiers of Jiayao

Promising future!

In this beautiful festival

Wish our goddesses a happy holiday

                                               New Arrivals

Be a lovely girl

Not bothered by the world, full of joy

No matter what the years do to me

I'm still a girl

2022, turn your life back to the channel you love

Bathe in sunny sunshine

Listen to the rain on a cloudy day

Feel the heat of work in laughter

Be your own goddess and live brightly

There is sunshine in my heart and hope in my eyes

Without borrowing anyone's light, you can be your own sun bravely

On this day, half the sky is a goddess

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