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The last day of April,

Jiayao held a welcome ceremony for the new employees.

At the same time, colleagues with outstanding performance in April will be commended.

At this moment, everyone is gathered together,

Let's review the wonderful times together

Onboarding welcome ceremony

Jiayao sincerely welcomes all new colleagues to join the Jiayao family! To this end, we held a grand induction ceremony. Here, you will go hand in hand with Jiayao and start a work journey full of challenges and opportunities.

Jiayao carefully prepared induction ceremony activities and employment certificates for new colleagues to express Jiayao's warm welcome to new colleagues. The company founder Mr. Li's speech allowed new colleagues to quickly understand the company's mission, vision and values; a large number of interactions were conducted with colleagues from various departments, and Jiayao prepared entry gifts for new colleagues.

Jiayao Company attaches great importance to talents and provides everyone with a good working environment and broad development space. New colleagues will enjoy all-round training and development opportunities. Jiayao will spare no effort to help everyone continuously improve their personal abilities and achieve their goals. career goals.

Jiayao Company has always adhered to the concept of "people-oriented, creating a better future". Jiayao attaches great importance to the growth and development of every employee and is committed to providing employees with a working environment full of passion and a sense of belonging. Jiayao believes that here, you will not only be an employee, but also a partner with dreams and pursuits. Jiayao will work with you to create a better future. I believe that every day at Jiayao Company will be full of challenges and fun. Let us work together, grow together, and write our wonderful chapter together!

Monthly commendation meeting

As a company committed to innovation and development, Jiayao always values ​​the efforts and contributions of every employee. In the past month, many colleagues have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company with their outstanding performance and unremitting efforts. They work diligently and conscientiously in their respective positions, showing the unity, hard work and dedication of Jiayao people.

The commendation meeting is held to pay the highest respect and praise to these colleagues who have outstanding achievements. Not only have they achieved remarkable results in their work, they are also our role models and role models, inspiring each of us to keep making progress and pursue excellence.


Jiayao awards medals, certificates of honor, bonuses and prizes to outstanding colleagues in recognition of their outstanding contributions. At the same time, the award recipients shared their successful experiences and testimonials to inspire more colleagues to work together to grow.


The success of Jiayao Company is inseparable from the hard work and hard work of every employee. In the days to come, we will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "unity, struggle, and pursuit of excellence" and work hand in hand to create a better tomorrow.

Jiayao firmly believes that every employee has huge potential and unlimited possibilities. We are committed to motivating employees to work hard and realize their own value in life.

At Jiayao, we regard every employee as the company's most valuable asset, and we are willing to grow and struggle together with our employees. We encourage employees to give full play to their specialties and advantages, give full play to the power of the team, and jointly contribute wisdom and strength to the development of the company. Because we firmly believe that only by uniting, cooperating and working together can we achieve our common goals and dreams.

At Jiayao, we are not just a place to work, but also a stage to realize your dreams. We hope that every employee can find their own value and meaning here and realize their personal life value. Because we believe that only the achievements and happiness of our employees are the foundation and source of the company's ultimate success.

At Jiayao, let us work together to inspire our potential, challenge ourselves, and realize our dreams! Let us write our own glorious chapter together!


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