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Who I am?

GLOBAL MIRROR MANUFACTURER Ltd is a leading manufacturer and innovator of makeup mirror in China,for the hospitality design, multifamily, health care, and Makeup desk Mirror industries. The company was established in 2009, has extensive knowledge in developing a mirror product.


What I can do?

Global Mirror have there team for design and production.Our professional team engineer works with our clients on developing OEM & ODM mirrors, quality products are always in demand from our designers.Specializes in the Mirrors area, including LED Makeup Mirrors, Compact Pocket Mirrors, Desktop Mirrors, Shaving Mirrors, Fashion Shape Mirrors, Bathroom Mirrors Hotel Mirrors etc.


Our product and show 

Our product were show on CES and other area in the world.

Our love 

We go to help people in sometime,give our love for the world. Global mirror team love you too.